How to access bitcoin-cli and lncli

You can discover the power of the nodl through the use of graphical user interfaces (GUI) such as RTL (Ride the Lightning), software wallets such as Zap or Joule or payment processing applications such as BTCPay. However, should you wish to go even further, you may want to access the command line interface [cli] for either bitcoind or lnd.

Gain root access to your nodl

Open your command line interface and type

ssh root@nodl.local or ssh root@<insert your IP>

and confirm with your ssh password.

Enter the bitcoin interface

In order to manage bitcoind and lnd, execute as root user:

root@nodl:~# su - bitcoin


Now you can use both bitcoin@nodl:~$ bitcoin-cli and bitcoin@nodl:~$ lncli commands, find a complete list of possible commands by executing bitcoin@nodl:~$ bitcoin-cli hel and bitcoin@nodl:~$ lncli help

Here is the full documentation of the Bitcoin RPC and LND gRPC API.