Connect Joule

Joule is a browser extension wallet for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Brave. Install and confirm it in your browser in a click.

A small pink diamond will be added to the top right of your tool bar, click on it and get started.

Click on Remote Node to connect ot the nodl.

Go to the nodl admin page and make sure you are logged in as the administrator. logged in as admin.

Under the LND tile, you will see a "Details and settings button". Click on it to open the LND configuration page.

Copy the Joule quick connect REST API address: http://192.168.0.xx:8080 into the Node URL field in Joule, click connect and allow access.

Download the Admin macaroon and Readonly macaroon in the nodl admin page lnd panel and upload them to Joule and click continue.

Then confirm the setup.

Declare a secure password, which you will have to type in every time you send a payment and click continue.

you've just connected Joule to your nodl.

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You can learn more about Joule on its official website : Joule by Will O'Beirne