Connect Zap

Zap is a beautiful lightning wallet which you can use to send or receive lightning payments and manage channels. Best of all, you can chose to have Zap, check all information by pointing it to your nodl.

First you will need to install Zap by downloading the application from Github: Zap install page

Upon opening Zap, you will be asked to chose how you wish to run it. You can either:

  1. create a new wallet and lightning node,
  2. import an existing wallet with its recovery seed,
  3. connect to an already existing node,
  4. connect to your existing BTCPayServer.

To use the full power of your nodl, choose option three.

Go to the nodl admin page and make sure you are logged in as the administrator. logged in as admin.

Under the LND tile, you will see a "Details and settings button". Click on it to open the LND configuration page.

There you will find all the necessary information you need to connect Zap to your nodl:

  • the gRPC API address:
  • one click-download of the TLS certificate
  • one click-download of the Admin macaroon

In the Zap application, enter :

  • in the host name field : the gRPC provided by nodl
  • in the TLS certificate field : the full path to where you downloaded the TLS certificate
  • in the Macaroon field: the full path to where you downloaded the Macaroon. please note the macaroon you download from nodl is call lnd-admin.macaroon and not admin.macaroon as shown in the zap example.

Then click next

You will be asked to confirm the host you wish to connect to. Check that the IP provided is the same as your nodl's

Then click next

you've just connected Zap to your nodl.

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You can learn more about Zap on its official website : Zap by Jack Mallers